Valentines in the warped mirror

I like Valentines day…more like need it. I know, some people see it as nothing more than a great marketing opportunity for purveyors of sappy cards and chocolate. For others it is a reminder of being alone and for others pressure to do or be something that just isn’t you. I like it any ways.

No offense, but you don’t have to celebrate it. You can ignore. It is your right to do so. Let the rest of us celebrate it. But why you ask, why would any need to celebrate Valentines day with sappy cards and chocolate? Surely you should show your love every day you say.

First of all, what better to put on paper made from trees than sap. Besides, in this world of grievous injustice and hatred, a little sentimental sap is therapeutic. If nothing else it reminds us of the fairly tale desire for love and peace. We can never get enough of that.

Second, chocolate is good for you, in particular dark chocolate which I happen to enjoy.

Third, yes we should show love every day, but…how are we really doing with that guys? A little reminded is not a bad thing. Just don’t let Valentines day be the only day you do it.

I don’t know your story, but I can honestly say that it is a wonder that my wife of nearly 31 years has loved me and stuck with me. She has been by my side through multiple moves and financial struggles. She stuck with me even when it meant being a virtual single mom as I sought to make my fortune working long hours in business. She put up with being a Greek language widow when I headed off to seminary to earn an MDiv (any one who studied or was married to someone who studied masters level ancient languages will understand), not to mention the trauma of leaving the west coast for a prairie village to engage in said studies. She has stood by me through trials and heart ache, some to personal to mention here. She deserves a medal.

The thing is that sometimes I take her for granted. I don’t mean too, it’s just that after three decades, three children, and all the stuff I mentioned above, it is far to easy to take it for granted that she will be there doing the same thing for the next three decades. Here is the thing. I know she will be. That’s just who she is. But that doesn’t mean for a moment that I should ever take her for granted.

Valentines day reminds me to romance her, flirt with her, seduce her, love her, hold her, comfort her and show her just how much I care and treasure her. She deserves it more than words can tell. So goodbye for now…I need to finish making her a romantic supper.