I Can Change…Maybe Not

I have totally lost count of the number of times I figured that I need to make a change in my life, you know, fix a bad habit or give some sin the boot. I have also lost count of the number of times I have failed. So my friends, I am done trying. I am me. I am a screwed up mess. I’m okay with that.

Do understand that I am not done desiring to change, nor am I no longer willing to change. Far from it. I really do hope that by this time next millennium that I have made some progress. For that matter, it would be cool if I made some progress by this time next year.

Regrettably, I said that wrong. It’s not about me having made some progress, it’s about me having progressed. The first one is like me building a house, pounding in nails and re-cutting the studs I measured wrong twice. Sorry folks, but contrary to the plethora of self help gurus, we are not the carpenter – we are the house. We are the ones who need to progress.

Fortunately, there is a carpenter. Okay, that was just a temporary job for Jesus. It was He who started the work in us by the life changing work of the Holy Spirit. We need to let Him complete it. Put down the self help “I can fix myself with a dull saw and kinked tape measure,” and let the master builder change you. Let Him do it in His time. Hear His voice, that nudging of the Spirit. Listen. Let it wash over and through you.

To switch metaphors, let Jesus change you like the wind in the sails of sailing boat. Quit standing on the deck huffing and puffing. All you need to do is to set the sails to catch the wind and let the wind do the work.


“ And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” (Philippians 1:6)

Friday Humour

What do you get when boredom, a wild imagination and a Bic pen cap collide?

I don’t recall exactly when, but sometime in elementary school I had a dramatic revelation of life changing implications. The universe would never be the same. The thread worn fabric of space time unravelled before my eyes.  It has been said that the pen is mightier than the sword. Well I have news for you, the pen cap is mightier than the laws of physics.  Yes, the very laws of physics were warped and morphed before my eyes.

It was probably in a social studies class or maybe math, certainly nothing important, that boredom collided with my wild imagination at the very moment I pulled the blue cap off my pen and set the pen down in that little slot we had on the old school desks. You know, the groove across the top of the sloped desk to keep pens and pencils from rolling noisily onto the floor at which point the teacher would surely know that our minds had drifted to far away places.

With my pen secure in it’s idle place, it dawned on my that the cap was sleek and aero dynamic. It could be the nose cone of a rocket ship or a physics defying intergalactic spaceship, a gift from some alien race. Sometimes it was an airplane, a lumbering giant or a nimble fighter. Yes, may a dog fight was won by the cap of my pen. It took flight as often as my teacher was looking the other way.

I’m sure if my teachers knew what was racing through my young mind they would have grounded me at once. I also might have done better in the two previously mentioned subjects. But before you scoff and mock me, have you ever noticed that the Virgin Galactic space craft looks strangely like the cap of an old Bic pen?


May you find inspiration in the ordinary.