It Has Been A Long Winter: A little wishful nonsense


Not much serious here. Just a little story from a guy wanting to sit on the deck on a warm day and read a good book.



    Frosty’s his heart melted when he saw the sheriff ride up to the snow fort, its walls crumpling under the mid day sun. The sheriff was a green horn. Just a kid from the south. The sheriff could feel Frosty’s icy glare, like a ice crystals blown by a howling north wind. A lesser man would have slipped and fallen, but not the intrepid sheriff with a warm heart and a laugh that could melt the heart of the coldest gal in town. Frosty’s time was up. He had a ball while it lasted.

     Frosty’s feet felt frozen to the ground. He couldn’t move. For a moment he thought he was sweating. Then he realized he was melting.

     “What do you want sheriff Spring?” The chill in Frosty’s voice was fading fast.

     “Frosty, the folks of this fine town have had enough of you. They’re tired you abusing them so you can have a fat account in the snow bank. They’re tired of hiding in there homes. They’re tired of your icy grip. ”

     “And what are you going to do about it Sheriff?” Frosty did his best to sound calm and cool.

     “Frosty, either ride out of town or you’ll be down the creek with out a paddle.” Frosty glanced down at the puddle by his feet…no he wasn’t that scared…yet.  

     Sheriff spring noticed the puddle too. “Are you cold or just shaking in your boots.”

     “You don’t scare me sheriff.” There was a lingering chill in Frosty’s voice.

     “The folks in town want you gone. Either head north or feel your life trickle away, one drip at a time.”

     “Are you threatening me Sheriff? Just wait until the heat of summer and you will all be paying big bucks for snow cones, blizzards and iced tea.”

     “Nice try Frosty, but it wouldn’t work. Your days are numbered. You’re getting old. You’re not as tall as you used to be. You’re getting soft.”

     “Who are you calling soft Sheriff. You’re just a green twig of a man. Why don’t you just leave.”

     “Oh, I plan to leave, leaf that is.”

     “What are you going to do, pun me to death…or are you packing heat?”

     “No frosty, I’ll save the bullets and let the mid day sun do that. Say, isn’t sweat running down you face. Right, cool guys like you don’t sweat.” 

     “Yeah I’m cool and your not. All you have to offer the town is mud and flowers. What kind of sheriff are you anyway. You break me up Spring.”

     “You’re melting Frosty. You’re the one making the mess. It’s time for you and your flakey friends to get out of town.”

     “Yeah, well maybe I’ll go, but I’ll be back.”

     “Not so fast snow man. Why don’t you just run off now.”

     Frosty’s fear was getting the better of him. His legs were feeling watery. His heart melted. He began to droop as his strength flowed out of him. Soon he would be snow more.