Saint Patrick’s Day

Good old Saint Patrick’s day. Ah, the irony of shamrocks to the copious consumption of pints of brew. Not that the irony is in those things, rather that I suspect that most people who celebrate with liberal libations are probably unaware or at least unconcerned about the reason for the feast.

The short story is that it is the celebration of a life. The man we know as Saint Patrick lived from 385 to 461. He became a devote Christian priest who gave his life to convert Irish pagans into Christians. Legend has it that he used the green three leaf shamrock as a picture of the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit (although as all analogies if fall short). 

Saint Patrick’s Day is nothing less than the celebration of a successful and effectual Christian missionary. The chief symbol of the day, an icon of sorts of the Holy Trinity – God as Christians know Him.

The feasting and drinking so often associated with Saint Patrick’s day is a day off from lent to celebrate one of God’s servants. Call it a mulligan in the season of sacrificial devotion. 

So if you choose to lift a glass to Saint Patrick, remember the man you are drinking to and have a look at yourself in the mirror. Are you really celebrating Saint Patrick? Maybe you should.

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