Just another fallible messed up guy with a Master of Divinity from a respectably conservative seminary.  I have also been married for 31 years and have three adult children. I am on my third career and unsure about my next one. The first two were high tech related, followed by pastoring a small church in an urban/suburban setting. I have seen a lot, experienced a lot and questioned a lot. No, my name is not Lot. Things didn’t go so well for him, although there might just be a bit of Lot in all of us.

Two things drive me nuts. Okay, there are a lot more than two, however these two are high on my list. The first is assuming certainty and the second is false piety. I explain what I mean in my intro post. You can read it here. If you wouldn’t do that let me summarize it for you. We are all messed up humans so get over it. Confessing our own internal mess is the only way to learn to really love others with the grace and mercy of Jesus. I also have this thing against condescending pseudo holiness. Read enough of my posts and you will get what I am talking about. You might not agree with me. That’s okay. I know you are messed up just like I am.

Why “The Warped Mirror?” Simple. A warped mirror tends to exaggerate our flaws and shatter the myths we have about ourselves. Instead of seeing the illusion of a perfect “me,” we see the ego shattering exaggeration of the imperfect, flawed and very human “me.” Call it shock therapy for dropping the mask getting real.

My name is Bill Erlenbach…to be honest it is William, but unless your my mother it might be best to stick with Bill.

I happen to be a follower of Jesus Christ and a sometimes reluctant Christian (so much baggage has been added to the that term and not all of it worthy of Jesus in my own personal opinion).

Feel free to send hate mail to: do-you-really-think-Ill-read-itATyeahright.com

PS – Comments are moderated. Keep it respectful, clean and real. I reserve the right to remove, erase, eradicate and other wise delete anything intended to offend, or is blatantly bigoted, racist or generally mean spirited.  If you decide to link to a post for comment elsewhere and you contravene the comment policy…you just proved my point that we are messed up.